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Read Now: Liberal Celebrity Wanda Sykes Attacks Middle America, Providing Electoral College Fans A Built-In Argument – 101 Latest News



Liberal Celebrity Wanda Sykes Attacks Middle America, Providing Electoral College Fans A Built-In Argument

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Liberal comedian Wanda Sykes has no problem voicing her contempt for those who dare to think differently than her, as witnessed this week on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

She directed her wrath towards, as she put it:

“Those states in the middle. That red stuff.”

You know, like the states that house her fellow Americans, watch her movies and shows, work on the roads that trucks traverse to supply goods from coast to coast, and feed the people on the coasts. That blue stuff.

Oh, and enjoy the same rights that the Constitution affords her and Americans who live on the coast.

But her comments didn’t stop there. She continued to rail into the flyover states in what might be one of the most insulting unfunny, and uneducated riffs I’ve heard yet.

So get ready, reader; it’s time to learn how you shouldn’t matter because you live in the middle and have a different belief than those who live on the coasts.

Let’s Chat About Civics For A Spell

Poor Wanda feels a certain way after the Supreme Court decided on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Ms. Sykes told Mr. Colbert that the United States is “no longer a democracy. I mean, we’re no longer majority rule.” She goes on to ask:

“Why do they get to tell us what to do when the majority of us live out [in] New York, California? And we’re paying for all this crap, really.”

She goes on to state:

“California, if it were a country, it’d be like the 4th, 5th largest economy. So if, you know, I’m fitting the bill, know your position. You know what I’m saying?”

I’m sorry, Wanda, I’m not sure I know what you are saying. Can you paint a verbal picture for me?

“If I say, ‘Hey, let’s go out to dinner.’ You don’t get to pick the restaurant. Just shut up and eat.”

Ah, and there it is. What Ms. Sykes feels, and unfortunately, she isn’t alone, is that since there are so many Americans who live in California and New York and provide so much revenue, the rest of us plebians should not be allowed to participate in the democratic process and should be grateful that they allow us to exist.

However, luckily for Wanda, I can explain why the rest of the country gets a say in what happens in this country, regardless of the population size of California and New York. It’s called the Electoral College.

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From Sea To Shining Sea

I’ve been all over this great country. I grew up in the midwest and lived for a time in California, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and now Virginia.

I’ve also lived all over the world. Asia, Europe, and spent some time in Africa. There was plenty to love about these places. Still, something I have always been in awe of when it comes to the good ole U.S. of A is how diverse this country is, both culturally and geographically.

I’m a city girl at heart. I like the creature comforts of numerous restaurants, things to see and do, and of course, shopping. But there is something magical about middle America. 

The ‘middle stuff’ provides a lot for the rest of the country. Sure California does rank highest, at least in 2020, when it comes to agricultural cash receipts. Still, they were in good company with Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, and Kansas. Most of the cotton that makes our clothes come from Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

I loved my time in California. I was introduced to sushi there, Big Sur, and sunshine like I’ve never seen before. But not everything about California and New York, for that matter, is appealing.

California ranks the highest in the country regarding its homeless population, encompassing a fifth of the total homeless people in the United States. New York is the second-highest.

In addition, California has the lowest literacy rate in the country, with 23.1% of adults unable to understand basic prose. New York is second lowest with 22.1%. So perhaps those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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Not Everyone Finds Us To Be Deplorable

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton once called a large swathe of Americans a “basket of deplorables,” which in and of itself is a super weird turn of phrase. While I don’t believe it was the main reason she lost the election, it certainly didn’t help.

However, not all celebrities or big-name lefties think those of us ‘on the other side’ are awful. For example, Matthew McConaughey once challenged the country to “…get aggressively centric.” He went on to say:

“There’s a lot on that illiberal left that absolutely condescend, patronize and are arrogant towards that other 50%.”

My personal favorite Marky Mark Wahlberg once said:

“They might buy your CD or watch your movie, but you don’t put food on their table. You don’t pay their bills. A lot of Hollywood is living in a bubble. They’re pretty out of touch with the common person, the everyday guy out there providing for their family.”

That man keeps looking better and better with age, by the way. But I digress. 

Last Thoughts On Where We Are Today

All week I have read social media posts by friends and family generally laced with expletives and lamenting the end of our democracy as we know it. I’ve listened to celebrities and musicians like Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong declare in London:

“F*** America, I’m…renouncing my citizenship. I’m…coming here. There’s just too much…stupid in the world to go back to that miserable…excuse for a country.”

First, abortion, while legal up to 24 weeks of pregnancy in England, requires approval by two doctors who believe the mother has considerable physical and mental risk. Second, shame on you, Billie Joe. 

As President Biden once said:

“You can’t love your country only when you win.”

We have allowed ourselves to be controlled and addicted to our rage. It has torn families apart, ruined friendships, and is threatening our democracy.

We must learn to turn our political anger into a constructive debate. We must learn to understand one another again. And we really have to do better with teaching American Civics, if not for our children, at least for Wanda Sykes. 

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