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Read Now: Scorpio Weekly Horoscope – 101 Latest News



Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

#Scorpio #Weekly #Horoscope

WEEK OF July 11 – 1 7, 2022

In spite of your rep as the most private and secretive sign of the zodiac, you might become downright chatty and revelatory thanks to the year’s only Capricorn full (super)moon powering up your communication center this Wednesday, July 13. This chart sector rules self-expression and socializing, and these uplifting moonbeams illuminate the benefits of working (and playing) with like-minded people. To make the most of this opening, you’ll need to do two things: retract your talons and stop seeing everyone as a competitor! Two (smart) heads are better than one; four hands and feet will take you farther faster—and potentially double your fun! Make it your mission to connect with simpatico, inspirational people who aren’t merely clones but enhance your output. This is more of a platonic zone, but the satisfaction from finding the right “partner in crime” can’t be exaggerated. Already found your person? This full moon can bring a turning point or a successful completion. Celebrate your win, but then quickly follow goal-oriented Capricorn’s lead by instituting a new set of intentions asap.

Also on Wednesday, your instincts to go under deep cover emerge as grounding Saturn in your domestic quarters forms its twice-a-year mashup with sensual Venus in your eighth house of intense emotions (i.e., the Scorpio house). Since Saturn glosses over nothing, you can step back and take a sober reality check. If you’re not in a firmly committed union, you get to ask whether the object of your affection is truly on the same page as you—or are you doing the lion’s share of the “heavy relationship lifting”? If you are in it for the long haul, are you both contributing equally—and do each of you feel that’s true? And regardless of your status, how cool are you keeping your feelings? If you catch yourself starting to obsess, get jealous or disproportionately angry, that’s worth looking at. Venus in this intensifying sector can ratchet things up, but if you can tap into Saturn’s even-handedness, you might gain enough clarity (and actual distance) to break the fixation, which this cycle can bring on. A good technique is when you catch yourself “going there”? Hit Stop and go for a run, a power yoga class or just cue up some loud music and dance till you’re sweating. Then take a dip—or a shower—and return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Adventure is the name of your game starting Sunday when Venus wraps up her annual trek through your sultry eighth house and strides into Cancer and your expansive ninth house until August 11. Over the next several weeks, you’ll feel freer and more daring than you have in a while. If you haven’t done any real travel for months (or years!), you may develop a sudden case of wanderlust that travel blogs can’t sate. If you can get away, find a last-minute deal to a dream destination or reach out to friends who’ve been luring you to visit and see what you can make stick. If you’re single, this Venus transit inspires you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and give different folks a chance. Attached? This is a perfect time to take a trip together, or at least start researching and planning a mutual bucket-list one. And in the meantime, reignite sparks with a romantic road trip or weekend baecation!

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Read Now: Rihanna's New "Use a Condom" Shirts Are Wonderfully Ironic – Buy Your Own Here – 101 Latest News



Rihanna's New "Use a Condom" Shirts Are Wonderfully Ironic - Buy Your Own Here

#Rihanna039s #quotUse #Condomquot #Shirts #Wonderfully #Ironic #Buy

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

Safety first! Though currently pregnant with her second child, Rihanna just launched a new loungewear collection promoting safe sex. The Savage X Fenty founder herself modeled a black oversize t-shirt that read “use a condom” in big block letters. “This shirt is old . . .” she joked in the caption of her May 31 Instagram post, posing in scrunched white heeled boots, matching sunglasses, and black biker shorts while holding her growing baby bump.

Rihanna’s playful outfit is just one part of Savage X Fenty’s new YOUniversal Lounge collection, featuring other cheeky messages like a bright blue “I’m a virgin” shirt with the words, “this is a very old shirt,” written in pink underneath. The latest drop also includes colorful ribbed bike shorts and matching bralettes, cropped tank tops, hoodies, cozy sweatpants, and jersey tees. Expect to find vibrant shades of pink, blue, green, and yellow in celebration of the warmer days ahead.

Rihanna’s “use a condom” T-shirt is available to purchase for $70, but with a Savage X Fenty subscription, VIP members can re-create her exact look for $44. Although her shirt definitely carries sound advice, Rihanna has previously stated that she and A$AP Rocky were never “planning against” starting a family together. “I don’t know when I ovulate or any of that type of sh*t. We just had fun,” she told Vogue in her May 2022 cover story. “Then it was just there on the test,” she said, welcoming baby RZA on May 13.

Read on to shop Rihanna’s ironic new shirts, as well as the rest of her summer loungewear.

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I Look at Nordstrom Daily—30 Anti-Trend Finds I Can't Stop Thinking About

#Nordstrom #Daily30 #AntiTrend #Finds #Can039t #Stop #Thinking

I’ll admit, I have a bad habit when it comes to shopping, sometimes I get so excited about trying new trends and putting my own spin on them that my wardrobe can end up looking like a pile of trends that don’t always stay in style for longer than a season or two.This summer I have two missions, to shop smarter, and to but pieces that are versatile and can be worn over and over again. Naturally, this journey towards timeless chic pieces that I’ll be styling all season long led me to a deep dive on Nordstrom’s site for the best basics I could find. I went in with a few things in mind: great shoes that can go from day to night, jeans that I’ll keep for years, and dresses that can go from the office to happy hour. As always Nordstrom had everything that I was looking for and more from all of my favorite brands like COS and Levi’s and styles that feel fresh and elevated.

While I may be focused on shopping smarter that doesn’t mean I’m willing to sacrifice on style, keep scrolling to see which chic Nordstrom basics I can’t wait to wear this summer.

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Read Now: Brunello Cucinelli High Summer 2023: Embracing Understated Elegance – 101 Latest News



Brunello Cucinelli High Summer 2023: Embracing Understated Elegance

#Brunello #Cucinelli #High #Summer #Embracing #Understated #Elegance

Ethereal elegance meets music-inspired fashion in Brunello Cucinelli’s High Summer 2023 collection. Photo: Hunter & Gatti

In a harmonious celebration of music, Brunello Cucinelli unveils its high summer 2023 collection campaign, captured by the lens of photographers Hunter & Gatti. Transported to the ambiance of the Record Parlour in Los Angeles, the campaign features the striking presence of models Tasha Tillberg, Marta Aguilar, and Tony Ward, adorned in looks that effortlessly emanate an air of quiet luxury.

Brunello Cucinelli High Summer 2023 Campaign

From the sheer dresses that delicately drape the figures to the artfully printed separates that speak volumes in their subtlety, this collection showcases a harmonious blend of relaxed suiting and intricately crafted crochet knits. Each design captures the essence of easy elegance, as if composing a symphony of refined style.

Relaxed suiting defines Brunello Cucinelli's High Summer 2023 collection.
Relaxed suiting defines Brunello Cucinelli’s High Summer 2023 collection. Photo: Hunter & Gatti

Exquisitely textured fabrics weave an ethereal tale of sartorial craftsmanship, while the understated neutral tones provide a sophisticated canvas for the Brunello Cucinelli high summer 2023 line. With its meticulous attention to detail, the Italian brand weaves a narrative that resonates with both luxury and comfort, embracing a luxurious tranquility that transcends seasons.

A look at the latest from Brunello Cucinelli.
A look at the latest summer styles from Brunello Cucinelli. Photo: Hunter & Gatti

By embracing the power of music, Brunello Cucinelli has curated a collection that harmonizes with the rhythm of life, effortlessly marrying high fashion with an understated allure.

Tasha Tilberg models Brunello Cucinelli's High Summer 2023 collection.
Tasha Tilberg models Brunello Cucinelli’s High Summer 2023 collection. Photo: Hunter & Gatti
Tony Ward poses in Brunello Cucinelli's High Summer 2023 collection.
Tony Ward poses in Brunello Cucinelli’s High Summer 2023 collection. Photo: Hunter & Gatti
Soft prints stand out in Brunello Cucinelli's summer collection.
Soft prints stand out in Brunello Cucinelli’s summer collection. Photo: Hunter & Gatti

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