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Read Now: 18 Of The Best Pajamas For Men That Will Upgrade Your 2022 Sleep Game – 101 Latest News



18 Of The Best Pajamas For Men That Will Upgrade Your 2022 Sleep Game

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Quick– close your eyes and picture your pajama drawer right now. Is it still full of old, shapeless graphic tees and stained sweatpants from your college days? If you’re too embarrassed to answer, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. 

You may be thinking, “no one sees my pajamas. Why should I care what they look like?” But there are serious benefits to upping your loungewear game. Aside from the fact that you deserve to look stylish at every point in the day, you may be missing out on maximum comfort–after all, fashion has evolved. Why not pajamas too?

If your experience in buying pajamas only involves a trip to a Walmart or Target and grabbing the first pair you see in your size, you might feel a little out of your element here. Never fear. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best pajamas for men that are both classy and comfortable so you can snooze in style. 


Sleepy Jones

If you thought upgrading to the best pajamas for men meant satin sets or Ebenezer Scrooge-esque nightgowns, you couldn’t be further off. L.L. Bean’s Organic Cotton Pajama Set is the best pajamas for men for a simple but elevated evening outfit. A relaxed-fitting pair of sleep trousers and matching henley made of 100% light cotton, this fit will make you want to ditch your ratty college tees right away. 

We’ve noticed that this set can run large, so keep that in mind while you’re shopping. Then grab your favorite pair of slippers and look good even when you’re rolling out of bed in the morning.

Material: Cotton | Sizes available: S-XXL | Colors: Blue, Teal, Gray | Care: Machine Wash

L.L. Bean Men’s Organic Cotton Pajama Set

Everyone deserves a little bit of luxury in their life, so why not incorporate it into your bedtime routine? CDLP Home Trousers are the best pajamas for men, making you feel like royalty, even if it’s just in your bedroom. These pajama pants are made of 100% soft and smooth lyocell to keep you feeling cool, both physically and mentally, and finished with satin piping for an extra accent of elegance. 

With an adjustable waist, open ankle cuffs, and roomy pockets perfect for lounging, you’ll wish you could live in these pants. They are a splurge at just over $180–but you’re worth it, king. 

Material: Lyocell | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Colors: Blue, Black | Care: Machine Wash

CDLP Home Trousers

Just because you’re upgrading to the best pajamas for men doesn’t mean you need to break the bank, and IZOD Men’s Woven Flannel Sleep Pant is proof. Designed with the classic and cozy plaid print, these pants are here to keep you stylish and snug.  

These straight-fit, open-leg pants are made of 100% cotton to keep you warm in the night without waking up sweaty. Factor in a roomy one-button fly, roomy side pockets, and a drawstring waist, and you have a pair of pants that will make you wish every day was Sunday. 

Material: Cotton | Sizes available: S-XXXL | Colors: Blue, Black, Red, Green, + | Care: Machine Wash

IZOD Men’s Woven Flannel Sleep Pant

Nothing quite says “upgrade” like adding some silk to your wardrobe. If you’re ready to take the leap, Lahgo has your back – and the rest of your body. Made of 100% washable-silk, these pajamas have all the luxury and comfort of silk with half of the care time. 

Featuring a modern silhouette of ankle-length pants and an oversized tee-shirt, you’ll wish you worked from home so you could wear them all day. Since these pajamas are pure silk, the price tag is definitely daunting. But everyone needs to treat themselves now and then, right?

Material: Silk | Sizes available: S-XXL | Colors: Blue, Gray, Black, Pink, + | Care: Machine Wash

man wearing pajamas sitting on chair

One of the best holiday traditions has to be when department stores deck the halls with red and green (and, of course, break out the best pajamas for men – holiday style). While we love a silly pair just as much as the next person, if you want a festive option you can wear more than once a year, look no further than Hanes. 

Convey your holiday spirit and be super comfy at the same time. These PJs are not only made with a cozy and breathable cotton blend but also come in a jolly red and black checked pattern. Since these pants are jogger style, the tapered fit and elastic ankles might feel restrictive to some guys.  

Material: Cotton & Polyester | Sizes available: M-XXXXL | Colors: Black, Red Plaid | Care: Machine Wash

Hanes Men’s Waffle Knit Jogger Pant

Comfort is key when it comes to picking the best pajamas for men. If you’re looking for a warm, cozy fabric that isn’t so heavy you’ll wake up sweating, then cotton is the way to go. and M&S Pure Cotton Printed Pajamas are the best. This fun-patterned pajama set provides a cool and modern look while still being incredibly comfy. 

The drawstring waist and roomy mock fly allow for a wide range of customizable fits. Bonus points—all of M&S cotton is responsibly sourced, so you can feel good about where your money is going. Keep in mind these pants only come in one style. So while we encourage everyone to take a fashion leap, if you’re looking for a basic, you might want to look elsewhere on this list.  

Material: MicroModal | Sizes available: S-XXL | Colors: Blue | Care: Machine Wash

M&S Pure Cotton Printed Pajamas

Who said onesie pajamas were just for kids? MeUndies sure didn’t, and their Unisex Onesie is here to prove it. Made of soft and breathable MicroModal fabric, it’s sure to keep you cozy and cool at the same time. This Snuggie upgrade features a jogger-style leg, front zipper, and adjustable hood. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. Add a wide range of colors and fun graphic prints, and you’ll have the perfect pajamas for a night in binging movies. Don’t forget that unisex can make sizing difficult, so make sure you read the reviews first.  

Material: MicroModal | Sizes available: XS-XXXXL | Colors: Blue, Gray, Black, Red | Care: Machine Wash

model wearing onesie

Few things illicit as warm and fuzzy a feeling as a classic pair of plaid jammies. Madewell makes the perfect men’s pajama pants for guys who love the classics. 

Made with 100% lightweight cotton with an adjustable waist and relaxed fit, these pants guarantee a snug but stylish good night’s sleep. If you’re a guy who needs a lot of sizing options, this plaid number might not be ideal for you.   

Material: Cotton | Sizes available: S-L | Colors: Red, Green | Care: Machine Wash

Madewell Flannel Bedtime Pajama Pants

There’s nothing better than bundling up next to a fire while winter wind rages outside. For days like that, look to Land’s End’s Men’s Fleece Lounge Jogger. Their polyester fleece material is soft and snug to keep you so warm you won’t have to touch the thermostat. 

With a drawstring waist, roomy pockets, and a cool jogger style, you don’t have to feel guilty about staying in these all day. All that’s left for you to do is grab a hot chocolate and snuggle up. 

Material: Polyester | Sizes available: S-XXL | Colors: Blue, Gray | Care: Machine wash

Land’s End Men’s Fleece Lounge Jogger

Just because you’re looking to elevate your pajama game doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your sleeping suit. LazyOne men’s pajamas are here to help with that. Made with 100% combed cotton and fashioned with an elastic waist, pockets, and button fly, these pants are as comfortable as they are cute.

LazyOne men’s pajamas feature a whole host of wacky characters, but our personal favorites are the “out cold” penguins. Chilly vibes have never been this warm before.

Material: Cotton | Sizes available: M-XXXXL | Colors: Penguins | Care: Machine Wash

LazyOne Out Cold Pajama Pants

If your height often prevents you from finding clothes that fit correctly, then pajamas might be where you want to throw in the towel. Old Navy Poplin Pajama Pants are here to discourage you from that. With additional tall sizing, you can enjoy classic and comfortable PJs without looking like you’re expecting a flood. 

These pants provide maximum comfort for everyone with a faux fly, adjustable waist, and open leg fit. Just pick your favorite pattern and kickback. 

Material: Cotton | Sizes available: M-XXXXL | Colors: Blue, Red, Black, + | Care: Machine Wash

Old Navy Poplin Pajama Pants

There’s a strong possibility that when you hear the word “flannel,” L.L. Bean already comes to mind. Their Men’s Scotch Plaid Flannel Sleep Pants are here to prove they deserve that reputation. Made with durable and cozy Portuguese flannel, these pajamas have comfort and softness that’s built to last. 

Coming in a number of snazzy plaid designs, these pajamas are classic, effortless, and cozy. The only downside for some guys is these pants are designed without a fly. So if that’s a feature you know you like, you may want to keep searching.  

Material: Cotton Portuguese Flannel | Sizes available: S-XXXL | Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Tan, + | Care: Machine Wash

L.L. Bean Men’s Scotch Plaid Flannel Sleep Pants

Warmer weather doesn’t mean your quest for stylish sleepwear has to fall by the wayside. Mr. Porter’s Desmond & Dempsey Printed Pajama Shorts are here to keep you looking and feeling cool during the dog days. 

The breathable cotton fabric partnered with an adjustable drawstring makes these shorts an ideal pick for the summer months. Their jungle green color and fun leafy print give a tropical feel that will make every night feel like a vacation.  

Material: Cotton | Sizes available: S-XL | Colors: Green | Care: Machine Wash

Mr. Porter Desmond & Dempsey Printed Pajama Shorts

When it comes to fashion, sometimes the best thing you can do is take it back to basics, and J. Crew’s Cotton Poplin Pajama Set is the go-to basic. This light blue set comes in a classic design—with a long-sleeve button-down, open-leg pants, and elegant white accents. The slim fit and elegant details will upgrade you to the best pajamas for men, meaning you have left sloppy and gone straight to sleek. 

But don’t think you’re substituting comfort for classiness. You still get the fancy features of a front fly, elastic waist, and roomy front pockets. These jammies will help you start taking your sleep seriously. 

Material: Cotton | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Colors: Blue | Care: Machine Wash

J. Crew Cotton Poplin Pajama Set

Reading this category heading might be a little confusing at first, but hear us out. Bamboo Viscose is a breathable, buttery soft, sustainable fabric, making it the perfect material for comfortable and cool pajamas. Cozy Earth nailed it as far as the best pajamas for men goes. 

Their stretch knit, adjustable waist, and relaxed leg fit accommodate a wide range of motion—even if that motion is just changing positions on the couch. 

Material: Bamboo | Sizes available: S-XXXL | Colors: Black, Blue, Gray | Care: Machine Wash

Cozy Earth Men’s Bamboo Pajama Pant

If you’re the kind of person who runs hot under the covers, Wax London is here to cool you down. Their Sweat Shorts are the best pajamas for men who are ready to upgrade from their boxers but still need the freedom of a pair of shorts. 

Described as perfect for “days made easy,” these 100% organic cotton shorts are the perfect breathable choice for sweatier sleepers. Their light wash and unique colors also give them a cool vintage look you can wear almost anywhere. 

Material: Cotton | Sizes available: 28-38 | Colors: Blue, Tan, Orange | Care: Machine Wash

Wax London Sweat Shorts

The best items of clothing in anyone’s closet are versatile. Think reversible sweaters or sneakers that go from day to night effortlessly. With Brooklinen’s Bushwick Pant, you can add your pajamas to the list of versatile pieces in your closet.

These lounge pants are stretchy and breathable to keep you cool and comfortable whether you’re on the go or chilling at home. With their modern jogger silhouette and range of cool colors, you don’t have to be afraid to show these off outside. Stepping out to check the mail in the morning just got a lot more appealing. 

Material: Cotton Blend | Sizes available: XS-XXL | Colors: Blue, Gray, Green, Pink | Care: Machine Wash

Brooklinen Bushwick Pant

Almost nothing says relaxation like linen does, so let Parachute’s Linen Pant help you slip into something more comfortable. These are the best of the best pajamas for men, especially suited for guys who know the value of kicking back. Made of pure linen, they’re effortless and breezy to keep you cool all night long. 

With an elastic waist, open leg fit, and roomy pockets, these pants will help you feel like you’re on island time, even if you’re working from home.  

Material: Linen | Sizes available: S-XL | Colors: Black, Tan | Care: Machine Wash

Parachute Men’s Linen Pant

What to look for when looking for the best pajamas for men


Comfort is the name of the game, which is why one of the key elements to consider is the fabric of your pajama pants. If you’re someone who’s always cold, you might want a heavier fabric like flannel or fleece. If you sleep more like a furnace than a person, silk or linen may be the way to go. 


Keeping in line with comfort is king; your next PJ consideration is the season. Just like your regular wardrobe, your sleepwear should change with the temperature for an optimal experience. Bundle up in a thicker fabric for the chillier months. When the AC kicks on, switch over to lightweight fabrics like silk and linen. For the furnace sleeps, go ahead and stock up on pajama shorts.


The last consideration you should have when looking for the perfect pair of men’s pajama pants is fit. Elastic and drawstring waist options are always a good bet. If you’re drowning in a pair of pants that are too big or squirming in a pair that’s too tight, you can kiss a good night’s sleep goodbye.

man in pajama set sitting beside the best with a rolled up newspaper looking through it like a telescope
Sleepy Jones


    • To get the correct sizing for a pair of men’s pajama pants, you want to account for a wide range of movement for maximum comfort. Start by taking accurate measurements of your inseam and waist. The next step is checking the reviews for any signs of unfortunate sizing.

      • The answer to this question is mostly dependent on your preference for weight and textures. That being said, some fabrics are superior to others for pajama pants. For year-round comfort, a soft cotton blend is always a fail-safe choice.

        • For starters, all of the PJs in this guide. However, everyone has their own idea of what’s comfortable. There are a few things to keep an eye out for in your pajama pant search. The best pajamas will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They should also be a little bit loose, so they don’t restrict your movement. Now that we’ve covered all the bases scroll back up and pick out your perfect pair of jammies.


Read Now: The 7 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmers For Easy Clean-up and Maintenance in 2023 – 101 Latest News



The 7 Best Vacuum Beard Trimmers For Easy Clean-up and Maintenance in 2023

#Vacuum #Beard #Trimmers #Easy #Cleanup #Maintenance

Nobody likes having to clean pesky beard hairs out of the sink. The best vacuum beard trimmer collects nearly all of your beard hair in a special chamber while you trim, saving you time, energy, and loads of frustration. And they’re definitely partner and roommate approved.

But how to choose the best vacuum beard trimmer for you? Some trimmers work best for certain beard lengths more than others, like stubble or long beards. Some must be used while plugged in, while others are cordless for easy use and travel.

Like most things in life, some vacuum beard trimmers pay attention to certain details more than others. Luckily, I’ve been paying attention while compiling a list of the very best trimmers out there, so you’re completely aware of what each one has to offer.

I’ve taken into account all the finer aspects, like battery life, precision, and number of attachments. A lot of the best vacuum beard trimmers are either discontinued or out of stock, so I’ve included several other high-quality trimmers that may not have a chamber but bring higher-quality comfort and precision to the table.

Take a look at the top eight beard trimmers below.

Key Takeaways 

Like Philips Cordless One Pass trimmer, the best vacuum beard trimmer should feel light and comfortable in your hand while giving you an even trim. Ideally, they’re cordless, too, unless you’re searching for a huge chamber body like the one Remington HKVAC2000A has to offer. As for luxury, though, nothing beats the 6+ hours of cordless power provided by Bevel.

bevel / instagram

Philips Norelco Electric Cordless One Pass Beard + Stubble

As far as the best vacuum beard trimmer goes, the One Pass by Philips is top. Smooth, lightweight, and boasting a comfortable grip, its rounded combs easily trim hairs at an even length. But perhaps its coolest feature is the Life and Trim PRO System, designed to lift hair and glide it toward the blades.

You can expect a decent 90 minutes of cordless use, but thanks to cool dual-cut steel blades, one pass is all you need to get a deliciously even trim. A faster job means less time fussing over your beard—who wouldn’t love that?

Some guys might be overwhelmed by the whopping 40 adjustable length settings between 0.4mm and 20mm, but that just means this trimmer is highly accessible. Whether you use it to trim a long beard or three-day stubble, it’s one heck of a vacuum beard trimmer. Lots of men love it for their hair as well.

Material: Stainless Steel | Combs: 3 | Battery Life: 90 Minutes

Remington HKVAC2000A

Much like Philips, Remington is a well-known and trusted brand in the beard-trimming world. And for such a low price, this trimmer has a lot to offer. Actually, it’s not just a trimmer but an 18-piece grooming kit that includes 6 guide combs, scissors, a cleansing brush, and oil to keep both the blades and your skin in excellent condition.

While it catches about 90% of cut hair, what makes it one of the best beard trimmers with a vacuum is a huge chamber, so you empty it less often than most. Despite this lovely feature, it’s a rather lightweight body, making it perfect for maneuvering around your beard or stubble. And again, even though it’s a budget pick, reviewers note that this trimmer lasts for years.

I don’t love that it’s not cordless, which makes it tough if your bathroom outlet setup isn’t ideal. But if you don’t mind that it’s corded and take care of this trimmer by rinsing the removable precision blades in water and oiling them regularly, expect a long life out of this one.

Material: Stainless Steel | Combs: 8 | Battery Life: Corded

Remington MB6850

Another great affordable option from Remington. Appearance isn’t everything, but this vacuum beard trimmer looks cool and expensive, thanks to bright green color details. As for the quality of trim, though, this tool’s powerful vacuum system holds up where it counts.

This is probably one of the best beard vacuum trimmers for travel, thanks to its cordless nature and worldwide voltage adapter. And as much fun as it is to hang on to tons of beard combs, the MB6850 comes with just one long adjustable comb with settings. Simple, clean, and straightforward, just how you like it.

As for care, simply rinse the durable stainless steel blades, which are self-sharpening and detachable. The reason this trimmer falls under the stubble category and isn’t ideal for a long beard is that the plate guards bend easily, meaning it’s not great for precision trim.

Material: Stainless Steel | Combs: 1 | Battery Life: 90 Minutes

Bevel Beard Trimmer for Men

He’s not cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for with Bevel. And this bad boy comes with all the bells and whistles, from an attractive matte black body with a soft touch grip for easy no-slip handling to a staggering 6+ hours of cordless power. Consider this the Ferrari of vacuum beard trimmers.

Powerful pivot lock guards provide unmatched precision and can switch from clipper to trimmer in seconds, thanks to snap lock modularity. While you still have to clean this trimmer like any other, it’s got an adjustable built-in dial to make it easy. Plus, the blades naturally repel dirt, oil, and build-up to prevent skin irritation.

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t technically have a vacuum chamber, but it is definitely barbershop quality. The thing stays charged for 180 days. And as for trimming, Bevel does an exceptional job, no question.

Material: Stainless Steel | Combs: 1 | Battery Life: 6 Hours

Panasonic Long Beard Trimmer for Men

It may not be a vacuum beard trimmer, but in terms of quality, Panasonic is one of the very best, especially for long beards. But if you have a short beard, have no fear. 58 different length settings on a quick-adjust dial give you tons of options and wiggle room for switching up your length at any time.

One of the most beloved features beyond its slim and ergonomic body is a high-performance DC torque motor with a low and fast quiet hum. Reviewers note that it sounds expensive, which is great. Nobody wants it to sound like they’re taking hedge clippers to their face.

It comes with four barber-style attachments, including three blades for short, medium, and long trims, plus a detail attachment. Japanese blade technology guarantees smooth precision, and a 100% waterproof body means you can use it in the shower. Use it cordless for just under an hour’s worth of power or plug it in and trim away.

Material: Stainless Steel | Combs: 4 | Battery Life: 50 Minutes

Wahl Professional 5 Star Cordless Detailer Trimmer

For over 100 years, Wahl has crafted some of the finest beard trimmers known to man. This professional cordless trimmer may not have a vacuum chamber, but it provides the closest cut on this list. An adjustable T-wide blade can be zero-gripped using the Pro Set tool, which is ideal for detailing and fine trimming. Exactly what you would want in a professional-grade trimmer.

Barbers love this tool because it can last a full two weeks before having to charge again in the provided weighted charging station. It also comes with two different cleaning brushes, a larger brush, and a smaller one for deep cleaning every nook and cranny.

If you’re a barber looking for a top-quality cordless trimmer or a guy looking for an expert tool to up your game, this is it.

Material: Stainless Steel | Combs: 3 | Battery Life: 100 Minutes

Philips Norelco Series 90000 Ultimate Precision Beard + Hair Trimmer

It’s amazing to see what technology can do for a beard trimmer. The Philips Series 9000 has some serious techy swag. With the flick of a wheel, you can control how you want your beard, while beard sense technology pretty much guarantees an even trim. It performs a hair density check 125 times per second and auto-adjusts accordingly. It’s especially great on thick hair.

Additionally, three power bars indicate how much it’s charged– a feature I wish other trimmers had. If none of that convinces you, how about some accolades? This trimmer took home the GQ Grooming Award for best all-in-one-trimmer in 2021.

The only thing keeping this from being the very best vacuum beard trimmer is that some reviewers note it doesn’t provide a super close cut. It is a trimmer, after all, but definitely something to keep in mind if you prefer a clean face from time to time.

Material: Stainless Steel | Combs: 1 | Battery Life: 120 Minutes

using a vacuum stubble beard trimmer by Wahl
wahl_uk / instagram

What To Look For In The Best Vacuum Trimmers For Beard


Depending on your needs, whether the best vacuum beard trimmer is cordless or not can make or break a purchase. If you’ve got a convenient outlet set-up with good lighting in your bathroom, then a corded trimmer is perfectly fine. If you travel a lot or prefer greater control and ease of movement, then a cordless body is a must.


The best vacuum beard trimmer is useless if they don’t have the right combs for your beard length. Some trimmers have lots of interchangeable combs, while others come with just one comb and a slew of adjustable settings. If your needs are specific, be sure to check the comb length of your ideal beard trimmer to be sure it will work for you.

Battery Life

The battery life of a beard trimmer might not seem like a big deal, but if you travel a lot, especially internationally, or even if your mornings are rushed, how long a beard trimmer lasts before it needs to be charged is pretty important. The best vacuum beard trimmer should give you 50 minutes of power, at the very least, before its next charge.

The Importance Of Oil

There’s a reason why the best vacuum beard trimmers come with a small beard oil, and the answer is two-fold. First, oil keeps your blades in top condition. Second, it protects your skin.

By frequently oiling your blades, you’re reducing the amount of friction on the skin to reduce irritation. It also prevents the snagging and pulling of hairs. Of all the tools out there, beard oil is most essential for your kit.

How Often Should I Oil Blades?

For best results, you should be oiling your blades every two uses. If you don’t, you might notice that your trimmer is louder and overheats rather quickly. To prevent this, protect your skin, and take care of your blades, add a drop of oil at the corners on the top and base of the blades.

a beard trimmer with built-n vacuum by Remington
factorydesignuk / instagram

Final Verdict 

You can’t go wrong with any of the best vacuum beard trimmers listed here, but the Philips One Pass is truly a one-stop shop. It’s super lightweight, cordless, and works on every beard length, giving you the fastest and most even trim out there.


    • They sure do, though some better than others. The best vacuum beard trimmers use powerful suck technology to catch at least 90% of trimmed hairs and store them in a chamber to then be emptied later. Any fallen hair can be wiped up with a damp cloth.

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Designed By Phoebe Bridgers, Worn By Taylor Swift — This Is 2023’s Most Coveted Jewelry

#Designed #Phoebe #Bridgers #Worn #Taylor #Swift #2023s #Coveted #Jewelry

Calling all sad indie fangirls, the patron saints of cry-yourself-to-sleep pop have had another bestie moment — and now we can share it. Well, sort of. Taylor Swift’s most recent round of concerts at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium marked the end of Phoebe Bridgers as an Eras Tour opening act; they also marked the very last time Phoebe would be performing her second album, Punisher. All in all, a pretty major deal for anyone who enjoys making themselves sad for fun. To honor the momentous occasion, Taylor donned a piece from Phoebe’s very own jewelry collection for Catbird: the aptly named Give You the Moon Charm, $398, a dainty moonstone orb set in 14k recycled gold, engraved with “Moon Song” lyrics — “I’d give you the moon” — in Phoebe’s own handwriting. She wore the jewel for their very last, and very emotional, live rendition of Red (Taylor’s Version) vault track, “Nothing New.” (Or, at least as international fans hope, the last rendition stateside. Begin the manifestations…).

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Millie Bobby Brown Wears White Lace Two Piece to Engagement Party With Jake Bongiovi

#Millie #Bobby #Brown #Wears #White #Lace #Piece #Engagement #Party #Jake #Bongiovi

This week, Stranger Things‘ Millie Bobby Brown and her fiancé, Jake Bongiovi, had an engagement party for friends and family just three months after announcing they were planning to get married on social media. Brown’s hairstylist Pete Burkill shared a few pics from the event on Thursday, showing the couple standing together in front of a bunch of white balloons and a sign that read “Mr & Mrs Bongiovi.”

They were both stylishly dressed, with Brown wearing a two piece composed of a crop top and form fitting skirt made from cream-colored lace. The look was from Italian designer Giambattista Valli, and trimmed with even more lace in gorgeous loops. The skirt had the same lace down the split in front, held together by buttons. Brown had her brunette hair down in smooth waves and wore a natural but flawless makeup palette.

Bongiovi was wearing an olive green suit over a white button down with a brown leather belt.

“Congrats to this beautiful couple!” Burkill wrote in the caption.

The pair have been dating since 2021, and are quite open about their romance on Instagram. Some fans were still shocked that the pair had decided to get married, as Brown is only 19-years-old and Bongiovi is 21. His father, rock star Jon Bon Jovi addressed their youth in an interview with Andy Cohen, saying, “I don’t know if age matters, you know, if you find the right partner and you grow together. I think that would be my advice, really, is growing together is wise. Growing together. And so, I think that all of my kids have found the people that they think they can grow together with, and we like them all.”

Bon Jovi has been married to his wife Dorothea Hurley for 32 years, and they met nine years before their wedding while still in high school. They share four children and their son clearly doesn’t see anything wrong with making an early commitment.

Aimée Lutkin is the weekend editor at Her writing has appeared in Jezebel, Glamour, Marie Claire and more. Her first book, The Lonely Hunter, will be released by Dial Press in February 2022.

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