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Read Now: 16 Of The Best Tuxedo Shirts To Breathe New Life Into Your Formal Wear (Updated 2022) – 101 Latest News



Man sitting in front of strings of orange flowers wearing a tuxedo

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If your life is full of cocktail parties and fancy dinners, your fashion sense is often put to the ultimate test. To avoid looking out of place in the modern world of formal clothing, you’ll want to match your fancy attire with one of the best tuxedo shirts for men.

A tuxedo is a surefire way to make yourself look more manly and professional, but what really makes it pop is the shirt underneath. And since everyone’s crazy about a sharp-dressed man, a tux shirt is definitely one of the many shirts you should have in your wardrobe. 

Trying to get this look right can feel downright intimidating. So we made it much easier and compiled our favorite tux shirts to elevate your swanky occasion game to the next level.


thomasfortinmenswear / Instagram


Taken right out of the James Bond handbook, this is exactly what comes to mind when you think of tuxedo shirts. That cloudy cotton fabric is incredibly comfortable for such an affordable shirt, and the French cuffs turn up the coolness dial all the way to eleven. As an added bonus, you can even remove the studs if the situation calls for it.

You can get this beauty in both a slim and regular fit, but the customization doesn’t end there. Input your measurements, and SuitShop does the thinking for you. They’ll pick out a shirt that fits you like a glove.  

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes available: 36-47 (Slim), 40-51 (Modern) | Colors: White | Collar style: Spread | Care: Machine Wash

You might not associate the color black with the best tuxedo shirts. Now, what if we told you Tom Ford’s behind it? You best believe it can and does work. If you have the machismo to pull it off, this baby proves dark pleats take a tuxedo to a whole new level of sexy, especially paired with a matching tie.

Tom Ford is the king of detail. And his shirttail hem is one of those minute touches anyone with class can appreciate. Just to warn you, this definitely isn’t a budget pick. But beyond an alternative look and iconic name, you’re also getting some of the finest cotton in the industry.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes available: 38-46 | Colors: Black | Collar style: Point | Care: Machine Wash

The best tuxedo shirts accentuate an amazing figure like it’s nobody’s business. Tessitura’s eco-friendly slim-fit shirt certainly delivers on that front. Along with a slimming effect, you also get the supreme durability of Egyptian cotton. Between that and the side seam gusset, it’ll take some serious effort to tear this thing.

The gorgeous studs are the sprinkles on this Rocky Road sundae, but if you’re not a fan, you can remove and reattach all four in seconds flat. After all, why not draw attention to the gorgeous pleat design and the irresistible double cuffs? 

Material: 100% Egyptian Cotton  | Sizes available: 35-46 | Colors: White | Collar style: Spread | Care: Machine Wash (Warm)

“Slow and steady wins the race.” That was the motto behind David Donahue’s success. Once a small family business, the brand is now behind some of the best tuxedo shirts you can get your hands on. Opting for a more subtle trim fit, this particular shirt is perfect for tucking away a love handle or two without being too snug around your waist.

The removable button set and that ever-so-dashing placket are just a few of the little touches that make this shirt stand out. And anyone paying close attention will notice the horizontal weave on the fabric. It’s a bit of a rarity in formal shirts that still looks appropriate no matter the situation.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes available: 38-50 | Colors: White | Collar style: Spread | Care: Machine Wash

The best tuxedo shirts feel every bit as amazing as they look, and Tom Ford took it all the way to the bank with this incredible silk-lyocell hybrid. Most good tux shirts have a shine to them (more on that later). However, this one also comes with a certain smoothness most cotton shirts can only hope to replicate. 

This shirt really goes above and beyond to help you cheat a few pounds off your belly. A slim fit and a non-stretchy build is a very potent combo, especially combined with the shirt’s eye-catching pleats. 

Material: 74% Lyocell, 26% Silk | Sizes available: 39-44 | Colors: White | Collar style: Spread | Care: Machine Wash

An unmistakable brand identity meets a solid price-to-quality ratio. Turnbull & Asser have objectively put out some of the best tuxedo shirts ever. While the sheer quality of the cotton in and of itself is incredible, what really sticks out here is the ribbed accent on the collar and bib. The trim fit is nothing to snub either.

If all that wasn’t enough, you can always roll back the old sleeves and play around with some cufflinks for added pizzazz. Also, since this is only one part of a larger Kingston set, there’s always the option of ordering the shoes and tie that match the shirt. If Turnbull & Asser say they go together, it’s hard to say no.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes available: 38-44 | Colors: White | Collar style: Spread | Care: Machine Wash, Dry Clean

A lot of the best tuxedo shirts for men tend to be white, but for the more eccentric fashionistas out there, there’s always Allsense. This shirt has more than enough color choices to match any of the weirder suits in your collection. Thirty, in case you were wondering. And when you consider the quality, it’s dirt cheap.

You’d need to do some serious roughhousing to crease or tear this thing. That’s probably due to the blend of cotton and polyester, which feels perfect on the skin, by the way. The rounded hem looks very flattering on long-legged dudes, and the somewhat rare convertible cuffs are just waiting for the right cufflink.

Material: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester | Sizes available: 36-46 | Colors: 30 Color Options | Collar style: Spread | Care: Machine Wash

Allsense Long Fit Dress Shirt

Hefty collars can be downright irritating after several hours in a hot room full of people. Thankfully, one of the best tuxedo shirts in the world offers an amazing workaround. While it still retains the classic pleat and barrel cuffs, this shirt has an almost jumper-like collar that gives your neck plenty of oxygen.

Since it’s made of lyocell and silk, the fit on this puppy is a bit loose, which is surprising in the world of tux shirts. Still, looking on the bright side, that means your upper body as a whole will be much breezier as a result.

Material: 74% Lyocell, 26% Silk | Sizes available: 39-44 | Colors: White | Collar style: Banded | Care: Hand Wash, Dry Clean

Whether you’re exchanging vows or just there for wine and cake, tuxedo shirts are the bread and butter of any good wedding. With nearly 100 years of experience, Canali has the wedding shirt niche down to a science. You can expect classy French cuffs, a widely-spread collar, and a front pocket for good measure.

The fact that it’s a smooth weave shirt really draws attention to the quality of the material. In fact, this particularly soft cotton fabric is what helped define the brand. It’s not the cheapest option in the world, but frankly, it’s nothing compared to the cost of an entire wedding.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes available: 37-45 | Colors: White | Collar style: Spread | Care: Machine Wash

Canali Formal Dress Shirt

The Western trend likes to pop in and out of the fashion world now and again, and it’s currently very much in. This trend has brought some mighty fine tuxedo shirts into the limelight. Unexpected, we know. Our favorite would have to be this cotton-poly hybrid for its unique mix of charm and restraint.

The pearl snaps on this thing scream Wild West, yet the banded collar is very effective at toning things down just enough to keep it formal. Something about the embroidery feels western with a hit of Pulp Fiction paired with the right tux.

Material: 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester | Sizes available: 37-45 | Colors: White | Collar style: Banded | Care: Machine Wash

Coofandy Western Embroidered Shirt

Best of the Rest

If you want to revolutionize the fashion world with your creative insights, you can. Design your own tuxedo shirt and customize just about every detail, from the design to the level of wrinkle resistance.

Although most of the pattern choices are fairly inappropriate for a tux occasion, there’s nothing stopping you from going all-white. You can still set the weave exactly how you like it. And of course, the fabric choice is yours too—cotton, wool, linen, or a combination.

Material: Custom | Sizes available: Custom | Colors: Custom | Collar style: Custom | Care: Varies

Thomas Mason White Royal Shirt

Sometimes our clothes have a mind of their own. Despite our best efforts, sitting through a long, crowded event attracts wrinkles. If you’re up for comfort and crease-resistant fabric, the best tuxedo shirts for you might just be satin ones. 

Eton has you covered with a classic French cuff design and an ever-so-slight taper around the waist (we won’t tell if you won’t). As you might expect, the shirt feels amazing, but it’s far from delicate. You can stick it in the washing machine like you would any other shirt and not worry about a thing. 

Material: 100% Cotton (Satin) | Sizes available: 38-46 | Colors: White | Collar style: Wing | Care: Machine Wash

An important quality of all the best tuxedo shirts is versatility. You can expect exactly that from this Microfiber masterwork. Combining the durability of polyester with the comfort of wool and cotton, this shirt will keep you comfortable for any occasion. No need to worry about shrinking in the washer or otherwise flaking out on you either.

Not everyone is a fan of collars, but this shirt has you covered with a collar extender. You’re welcome. The tapered fit is also a great way to show off your gains. And you can make things even more interesting by going for the black option instead of the classic white.

Material: 100% Luxe Microfiber | Sizes available: 34-53 | Colors: White, Black | Collar style: Point, “Comfy” | Care: Machine Wash

Luxe Microfiber Tuxedo Shirt

If you thought you had to overspend for the best tuxedo shirts, Berlioni is here to prove you wrong. Chances are you have the money in your pocket to buy this shirt. What you’re getting out of the deal is a sturdy poly-cotton build and a choice of two different types of collars.

Feeling particularly daring? Go the extra mile and choose the black option to spice things up. Either way, you can expect a lovely pleated design and a snazzy little breast pocket for that extra bit of storage space.

Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton | Sizes available: 37-48 | Colors: Black, White | Collar style: Wing, Spread | Care: Machine Wash

Berlioni Tuxedo Dress Shirt

Off-beat tuxedos have never been more popular, but you also need a quirky tux shirt to match them. Enter this wonderful product, a slimming cotton shirt covered in that Boss logo we all know and love. The design is admittedly a little bold, but the classic-style collar and round cuffs are as classy as they come.

It’s natural for cotton shirts to be soft to the touch, but this one takes it to a whole new level. And you can even wear a regular jacket over this for informal events thanks to the stylish color. As a matter of fact, this thing can work with anything black, so there’s rarely a wrong time to put it on.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes available: 37-46 | Colors: Black | Collar style: Point | Care: Machine Wash

Hugo Boss Cotton Slim Fit Shirt 

If the pricier satin route isn’t an option for you, get around wrinkling by snagging a few polyester tux shirts. The only “creases” you’ll be seeing are the stylish pleats. And since cotton is still the dominant fabric here, you can expect to get pretty comfy to boot.

If you can get your size just right, the French cuff and spread collar give you some wiggle room. Another nice touch is the fabric care. Polyester can handle higher temperatures in the washer, so you can remove some pretty nasty stains without any damage.

Material: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester | Sizes available: 38-50 | Colors: White | Collar style: Spread | Care: Machine Wash (Warm)

Marquis Men Tuxedo Shirt

What To Look For When Buying The Best Tuxedo Shirt

To state the obvious, picking out tuxedo shirts is a little more complicated than choosing a polo to get you through the summer. Here are some of the main things to keep in mind before making your pick:


When it comes to tuxedo shirts, it’s generally best to go for a cotton twill material. Besides the low-key lines that run down most tux shirts, they also have a bit of a sheen that makes them look more formal. With that said, if you attend loads of fancy events and want to get some mileage out of your shirt, you may want to consider polyester instead. 


If you get the fit and size on a tuxedo shirt wrong, no fancy tux will be able to save you. First off, you’ll want to make sure your neck has enough room to breathe. If you can’t stick a finger between the collar and your neck, you need to resize. Also, you’ll look downright goofy if your sleeves extend beyond your tuxedo, so aim for a length that reaches your wrists at most.

debonnhaire / Instagram


What really makes tuxedo shirts for men pop is the contrast with the tux itself, so it’s almost always best to go for a white shirt. Every now and then, you’ll run into the elusive black-on-black combo, which is a good cover-up if you get sweaty and decide to take your jacket off. If you happen to have a dark-blue tuxedo on you, a lighter shade of blue could definitely work for a trendy look.


    • As the name suggests, it’s a long-sleeved button-down shirt worn under a tux during formal events. Unlike a regular white shirt, tux shirts tend to have a subtle gleam that goes beautifully with the super-formal tuxedo jacket.

      • You can generally find tux shirts at just about any major retailer, but you can always cut out the middleman and order online. Mr. Porter and Tom Ford have some of the best selections of tuxedo shirts, although you should be sure about your size if you go this route.

        • Before you even start browsing for tuxedo shirts, you need to be sure of your measurements. Use a measuring tape to figure out the circumference of your neck, then find your arm length by measuring the distance between your nape and wrist. Just to be on the safe side, you may want to measure your chest, too. This is a little less essential if your weight is average since your chest size should be around four to six sizes larger than your waist size.

          • There are plenty of subtle differences between tuxedo shirts, but some are more appropriate for certain occasions. When it comes to the front, pleated bib shirts offer a more formal look in most cases. But there’s nothing wrong with going vanilla either. As for collars, the most common kinds are wing, spread, point, and banded.


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Rihanna Wore a Black Balenciaga Biker Jacket with a Savage X Fenty Slip Dress While in Tokyo

#Rihanna #Wore #Black #Balenciaga #Biker #Jacket #Savage #Fenty #Slip #Dress #Tokyo

Despite expecting her second bundle of joy, if anyone’s jet-setting the world, it certainly Rihanna who can’t sit still and has been in LA, New York, Paris and now Tokyo all within a month time frame.

The ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ singer, was spotted inside the famous Japanese ramen restaurant called ‘Ippudoa’ and posed with one of the waiters who looked overly zealous to have met the global superstar.

RiRi, served a fierce all black ensemble with an unreleased black sheer Savage x Fenty dress that is expected to drop on June 1, and is giving sex appeal vibes.

Photo Credit: IG Reproduction

The Barbadian singer layered her Savage X Fenty dress with an oversized black Balenciaga trench jacket that felt very biker inspired and was aesthetically pleasing to her ensemble. All she needed was a motorcycle to complete her edgy persona.

She accessorized with black Balenciaga pointy-toe square knife embellished mules that showcased her ankle tats and opted for her signature Alien inspired shades by Gentle Monster.

It seem’s like the closer Rihanna gets to delivering, her maternity looks just get better and better and perhaps on her way to the delivery room, she’ll be spotted in an ultra stylish look from head-to-toe. Based on how she’s styling and profiling her adorable baby bump, we wouldn’t doubt it.

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5 Stealth Wealth Fashion Lessons From Succession

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If you want to look like you’re part of the established upper crust, Matland encourages you to follow Roman Roy’s lead instead of Tom Wambsgans, which means aim for an effortless look, rather than one that feels contrived. Wambsgans joins the Roy family by dating and marrying the only daughter, Siobhan “Shiv” Roy. He’s portrayed as an outsider from the start, trying way too hard to fit in from the first moment we meet him in episode one. In fact, one of the only things all of the Roy children bond over during the series is criticizing Wambsgans’s fumbling sartorial attempts.

“The idea of matching your tie with your pocket square and suspenders is absolute nonsense. For anyone with real money, that would be an immediate giveaway that you’re posturing and trying desperately to show something,” Matland explained of the nuanced field of landmines that make up sartorial choices among the 0.001 percent. “People like Tom equate fashion with finance, and those two things have nothing in common. It’s also something as subtle as the width of a pinstripe on a suit. Tom’s is a little bit more pronounced whereas you would never see that on Kendall. If you saw a pinstripe it would be micro — on Tom, it’s just a stage too intense.”

On the other hand, Roman Roy, born into family wealth as the youngest son, dresses with a casual cocktail of confidence and disdain. Wambsgans’s clumsy attempts to dress the part often are the very reason he stands out, but Roy is the inverse of that. He can skip his tie, wrinkle his button-down shirt, and still look like he belongs. Anyone can buy an expensive suit, but only the likes of Roy can casually flex his wealth by wearing a six-figure outfit in the most carefree way possible.

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<i>Succession</i> Series Finale Recap: Game Over

#ltigtSuccessionltigt #Series #Finale #Recap #Game

Spoilers below.

Ever since Succession’s first episode, viewers have been trying to answer the show’s central question: who will get a kiss from daddy? In other words, who will succeed media titan Logan Roy at the helm of his empire? Battles have been fought, alliances have been broken, and Logan himself has breathed his last and been laid to rest. Now, as TV’s reigning drama draws to a close with its series finale, we finally know the surprising answer.

We entered season 4, episode 10, “With Open Eyes” expecting a showdown between Roy siblings at the board meeting on GoJo’s acquisition of Waystar Royco. Shiv is pro-GoJo, teaming with Lukas Matsson and expecting to be named the U.S. CEO of the conglomerate if the deal goes through. Kendall and Roman want to sabotage the deal, but Roman doesn’t know yet that Ken wants to go “reverse Viking” (as in Waystar acquires GoJo instead and Kendall rules as sole CEO.)

The episode begins with Kendall arriving to the office excited (perhaps he listened to more rap in the car ride in), until he learns he doesn’t have Stewy’s support. He’s trying to rally his allies for the board vote, but can he wrangle them all in by tomorrow’s meeting? He doesn’t even know where Roman stands, let alone where he is after he got beat up at a protest the night before. Nevertheless, he assures his advisor Tellis “I fucking got this.”

Shiv is also on a high. She thinks she has Stewy’s vote as well as a few others Kendall thought he secured. As she and Matsson prep, she floats the future of Tom’s role. She’s so eager for CEO that she’s ready to throw her estranged husband out with the trash, telling Matsson he’s “highly interchangeable.” But Matsson already appears less enthusiastic. Shiv’s mother, Caroline, calls from the Caribbean and revealing that Roman is with her. Shiv flies out to meet him, not really to comfort her brother but to campaign for his support.

On the plane, she hops on a call with Tom, who is still fretting about whether he’ll get fired. She says she’s trying to help him (sike!) then clumsily switches topics to their relationship. Is there anything else left in their marriage? she asks. Because it would be convenient if so—you know, for scheduling reasons. When she asks him, “Are you interested in a real relationship?” Tom says, “Honest to God, I don’t know, Shiv.”

Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook), and Roman (Kieran Culkin) regroup.


Kendall, who has now acquired a “New Jess,” has learned of Roman’s whereabouts and will also fly to the Caribbean. Caroline warns, however, that Rome is “very fragile.” Sure enough, when Shiv arrives she finds her brother in a striped tee and shorts with stitches on his head. Roman’s nihilism is on full display when Kendall strides in to goad him back to work. “You don’t have it,” Roman tells him regarding the board votes. “You’re a clown,” he adds and walks off.

The Roy siblings continue their bickering as the sun sets in Barbados. Shiv gloats as presumed CEO and brainstorms jobs to her brothers. (Remember The Hundred?) Kendall asks Shiv if she knew that he has Stewy’s vote now, and that her new boss has been meeting with Lawrence Yee, CEO of Vaulter. (Remember Vaulter??) But Shiv would love for her brothers to support her at the helm for once. Besides, she only turned on them because they shut her out, so she doesn’t understand “why I’m the cunt here,” pardon the language. Kendall responds, “Cunt is as cunt does,” surely inspiring T-shirts, memes, and Twitter bios across the nation. Shiv gets to the bottom of it: “I played it better, so why don’t you take it like a man and eat it?”

Back in New York, Tom is at an art gallery with Matsson, barely hiding his paranoia with a bit of awkward small talk. Over dinner, Matsson has him make the case for keeping his job. Tom says he’s a simple manager with a “high tolerance for pain,” which we’ve observed throughout his marriage. Then Matsson drops a few bombs: Shiv is great, but he actually doesn’t need her. What’s worse, he wants to “fuck her a little bit” and it’s possible that under the right circumstances, she’d feel the same way. (Tom’s face falls here.) Matsson doesn’t want to deal with the trouble if that happens, lest he fall into another Ebba situation, so why not appoint Tom as CEO instead? Matsson is looking for a “pain sponge,” and Mr. Wambsgans is just that. But will he betray Shiv again?

Afterwards, Greg meets the Swedes for more drinks, this time with a translation app on hand. While eavesdropping, he learns that Shiv is no longer Matsson’s pick for CEO. He calls Kendall with the news in hopes that he’ll be rewarded with a better job if his plan goes through. Cousin Greg has come a long way from copying those cruise documents as blackmail.


Matsson (Alexander Skarsgard) courts Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) for CEO.


Kendall derails Caroline’s dinner, which has turned into a business pitch by Peter’s friend anyway, to break the news to Shiv. She doesn’t believe it at first but is devastated when she finds a new draft of the takeover announcement where her name has been replaced with “[XXXX].” Now she wants to get back at Matsson, and Kendall has an opportunity to get Shiv’s support to block the deal. Tellis advises, however, that the three siblings propose a single leader to the board, to show a united front.

The fighting resumes. Roman says Logan chose him to be the successor during one of their final nights together. Shiv says she was picked at one point too. Kendall says Logan promised him the role when he was seven years old. He even implies that Roman isn’t emotionally up for the job following his breakdown at the funeral. When the three of them head to the beach together, the idea of King Kendall and “reverse Viking” is growing on Roman and Shiv. In classic sibling manner, they joke about murdering Kendall first, but then swim out to him to “anoint” him as their leader. Kendall actually smiles for once.

What follows is a sweet, childlike bonding session between the trio. The younger two prepare a “meal fit for a king” for their big bro to legitimize his anointing. They’re kids making a ruckus in the kitchen while mom is asleep, talking in silly voices, throwing bread (well “knobbies,” as Caroline calls them) at each other, and assembling an ungodly mix of ingredients into a blender for Kendall to drink. “It’s nice to see you agree on something other than what a terrible mother I am,” an awoken Caroline says, almost echoing our own thoughts. Kendall chugs the brown sludge of Tabasco, raw eggs, milk, Peter’s off-limits cheese, other atrocities, and a loogie of Shiv’s spit before Roman dumps the whole thing on his head. The next morning, they land back in NY and frantically make calls before stopping at Logan’s—now Connor and Willa’s—apartment.


The Roy siblings make a “meal fit for a king.”


There, the eldest Roy has arranged a system for loved ones to bid over Logan’s belongings. Willa, with amazing hair and paisley co-ords, is planning on a complete decor revamp. She and Connor will try going long-distance as she stays in New York to work on a play while he heads to Slovenia for ambassador duties. In the dining room, the Roys come across a rare, pleasant video of Logan. He’s reciting a list of every losing candidate in a U.S. presidential election at the table with Kerry (showing some PDA with her boss), Gerri, Karl, Frank, and Connor. His eldest does an impression of Logan saying “I’m a Little Teapot.” The whole group sings “Green Grow the Rushes, O.” His heirs tear up watching their father enjoy himself for once.

Shiv runs into Tom and shares that Matsson picked a new CEO. Tom pretends to be surprised, but when he suggests that Shiv should still vote for the deal, she picks up on his act. He doesn’t try to hide it this time. “It’s me,” he tells her, just so she’s aware. Disgusted, Shiv tells their brothers and they storm out to run their numbers. Meanwhile, Tom pulls Greg into the bathroom to scold him for leaking the info. He hits Greg, but Greg, for once, slaps him back. They scuffle in the powder room until Tom pulls away to alert Matsson that they have a big fucking problem.

At the Waystar offices, Karolina makes a move herself: She pitches to Shiv that after the deal, they should get rid of Hugo. (I’m not shocked by her ferocity, but I will say I’m impressed.) Kendall finally gets Stewy on his side with the promise of a chairman position. But Roman isn’t doing well. When he spots Gerri, he decides he doesn’t want to see anybody at all. He’d rather call in for the vote, especially since he’s self-conscious about his stitches. When Kendall approaches him, Roman says what’s really bothering him: “Why isn’t it me?” Kendall holds him while he sobs, but he embraces his brother so forcefully against his chest that his wound reopens.

Frank commences the board of directors meeting. Kendall delivers straightforward remarks bashing the GoJo deal. The vote goes around: Frank, Sonya, Diane, Sandi Sr., and Sandi Jr. vote yes. Kendall, Ewan, Dewi, Stewy, and Roman vote no. When it gets to Shiv, she steps out of the room to “have a moment.” Uh oh.

To Kendall’s horror and Roman’s bewilderment, Shiv has changed her mind. She confronts Kendall for always thinking he’s the most important one out of them, that it’s always about him. Kendall begs her not to turn back now. This job is the one thing he knows how to do, he says, which is actually quite sad. Shiv insists, “I don’t think you’d be good at it.” In fact, she brings up his past to prove her point. “You can’t be CEO, because you killed someone.” To that Kendall sputters, “Which?” which triggers Roman to demand clarification. Kendall denies the manslaughter, saying he just made it up to bond with his siblings. At this point, the expression on Roman and Shiv’s faces spell WTF?. Kendall continues to beg for Shiv to vote for him, and she continues to refuse. “I love you, but I cannot fucking stomach you,” she says. Now Roman is against him too, especially after that lie. “I’m the eldest boy!” Kendall shouts like a toddler in a tantrum, sending Shiv keeling over in laughter. (Somewhere, Connor is too.) Mind you, their fellow board members can hear and see them embarrass themselves through the conference room’s glass walls.

Things go from bad to disastrous when Roman plays his own dirty card, dropping that Logan used to say that Kendall’s kids aren’t his own. Even Shiv thinks this is too far. Kendall responds by trying to crush Roman’s face with his bare hands. Shiv tries to leave the room. Kendall tries to physically stop her. Roman pulls him away, reminding him that their sister is pregnant. Roman and Kendall physically fight in the conference room. Shiv heads back to the meeting to vote yes.

a photo from the production of episode 410 of “succession” photo david m russellhbo ©2023 hbo all rights reserved

The GoJo deal becomes official.

HBO/ David M. Russell

As Kendall and Roman catch their breath, Kendall still tries to salvage his plan by approaching Frank, but Roman is done. Nothing matters anymore. “We are bullshit,” he tells his brother, and it’s hard not to agree. Despite the fandoms, fan cams, and thirsty tweets Succession has wrought, it reminds us that at their core, the Roys are horrible people. And they are, as their father once told them, not serious people. Watching them betray, fight, and wrestle each other at their place of work, I think of the Killmonger meme: Is this your king? Do any of them really deserve this? Clearly not.

Kendall still won’t accept defeat, though, so he walks back into the meeting to reconvene. But the vote is already final at 7-6; Waystar will sell to GoJo. CEO Tom Wambsgans walks in, chest out, with a few ideas of how he’ll structure his team. He wants to keep Karolina (sorry, Hugo) and Gerri, but fire Frank and Karl. Greg screwed his chances, but Tom won’t leave him out to dry. “I got you,” he tells him. Nero and Sporus forever.

After Roman begrudgingly poses with Matsson for a photo op, he grabs a drink at the bar and smiles to himself. It’s probably a relief to him to be out of the company. The millions he’s made from the GoJo sale don’t hurt either. Meanwhile, Shiv rides in the car home with Tom. She quietly congratulates him and lightly places her hand in his. As for Kendall, he walks toward the Hudson River with Colin a few paces behind. He sits down and stares at the water, letting reality sink in.

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Erica Gonzales is the Senior Culture Editor at, where she oversees coverage on TV, movies, music, books, and more. She was previously an editor at There is a 75 percent chance she’s listening to Lorde right now. 

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