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Read Now: MAGA Victory: Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Wins Contentious Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Primary – 101 Latest News



MAGA Victory: Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake Wins Contentious Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Primary

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Former President Trump’s track record of endorsing winning candidates kept going this week, as former news anchor and journalist Kari Lake won a close race in Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial primary. The race between Lake and Karrin Taylor Robson remained too close to call until Thursday, two days after election day, when the Associated Press called the race for Lake.

Lake will now go on to face Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in the general election in November. 

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Razor Thin Race

While mail-in ballots coming in prior to election day gave Robson an early lead, election day polling place results and Maricopa County releasing the results of their mail-in ballots gave Lake the win.

The race became a referendum of sorts between Lake, a Trump-endorsed candidate, and Robson, who was endorsed by former Vice President Mike Pence, current Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Trump candidates were victorious in many Arizona races including Senate, Secretary of State, Attorney General, U.S. House seats, and State House seats. Arizona was a crucial spot in the 2020 election, and will certainly be again in 2024.

Lake has been very outspoken on her views of the 2020 election. She has stated that she would decertify Joe Biden’s 2020 win in Arizona, saying, “He lost the election, and he shouldn’t be in the White House.”

Lake has also not been afraid to dish back to left leaning media outlets what they attempt to dish out.

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Latest Round Of Primaries Go Well For Trump Candidates

Tuesday night’s latest round of primaries was a good one for Trump endorsed candidates. In addition to Arizona, candidates in Michigan did well.

Rep. Peter Meijer, one of a handful of House Republicans to vote to impeach President Trump, lost his primary race to former Trump administration official John Gibbs. 

Those who voted for impeachment are being picked off one by one with Meijer being the latest. Trump took to his own social media platform Truth Social and wrote, “Not a good time for Impeachers – 7 down, 3 to go!” Tudor Dixon won the GOP gubernatorial primary and will face Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in November.

Nationwide, it was a good night to be a Trump candidate. Of the 42 endorsements Trump gave in this most recent round of primaries, 32 won their respective races, and some may still be pending. 

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Democrats Bracing Themselves For November

For Democrats, election night this fall could look a lot like Tuesday. Democrats have pinned their hopes on things like the overturning of Roe vs. Wade and the Jan. 6 hearings, however those are not priorities for Americans. Soaring inflation and high gas and food prices are.

Joe Biden’s consistently low approval numbers have Democrats saying out loud that they do not want him to run again in 2024, and many shy away from inviting him on the campaign trail with them. 

Another takeaway from Tuesday night’s primaries: while Democrats and the media try to downplay Donald Trump’s influence over the Republican Party, there is no mistaking that it is very much in play. Biden’s unpopularity coupled with Trump’s winning track record could be a lethal combination for Democrats.

Several more states have primaries in the coming weeks, including Wyoming, where Liz Cheney trails her opponent, Harriet Hageman by roughly 20 points. “Number 8” for Trump could be waiting in the wings.

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Read Now: Senate Votes to Lift Debt Ceiling – 101 Latest News



Quote of the Day

#Senate #Votes #Lift #Debt #Ceiling

The U.S. Senate voted Thursday night to pass a bill that would extend the debt ceiling for two years and establish a two-year budget agreement on a broad bipartisan vote, 63 to 36, NBC News reports.

The U.S. House has already passed the bill, so it now goes to President Biden for his signature.

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#Thursday #Open #Thread

The post Thursday Open Thread appeared first on

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Read Now: Trump Is The Most Hated Brand In The United States – 101 Latest News



Trump Is The Most Hated Brand In The United States

#Trump #Hated #Brand #United #States

Donald Trump’s company is the most hated brand in America. Think of the company that you despise dealing with, and then realize that they are more popular than Trump.

According to the 2023 Axios Harris Poll Reputation Rankings, the Trump Organization is the most hated brand in the US. Second, is bankrupt crypto currency FTX, followed by Fox Corporation, Twitter, and Meta.

Four of these five brands have one thing in common. They either cater to or have affiliated themselves with Republicans and the far right.

This news comes as no surprise to those who have been following the Trump Organization’s tumultuous history. From allegations of fraud and tax evasion to a string of bankruptcies, the Trump Organization has long been associated with controversy and scandal, but the main reason for the hatred of the brand is Donald Trump himself.

The Trump Organization’s unpopularity is not just a problem for the company itself. It also has broader implications for the Republican Party, which has long been associated with the Trump brand.

As the most hated brand in the United States, the Trump Organization has become a liability for the Republican Party and a symbol of everything that is wrong with the GOP.

The broader message is that anybody who climbs into bed with the Republican Party is also getting Trump. As he and his family are fond of saying Trump is the Republican Party, and the idea of the party nominating the head of the most hated brand in America and still being confused as to why they continue to lose elections is the most logic defying in American politics.

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