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Read Now: House of the Dragon: Everything You Need to Know About the Game of Thrones Prequel – 101 Latest News



House of the Dragon: Everything You Need to Know About the Game of Thrones Prequel

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Those ominous violins ringing in your ears? That’s the sound of a Red Wedding–level event looming on the pop-culture horizon: Game of Thrones, reborn.

Three years after signing off the air, the Thrones franchise returns to HBO in the form of House of the Dragon, debuting August 21. Set roughly two centuries before Daenerys Targaryen’s determined pursuit of the Iron Throne, House of the Dragon centers on the erstwhile Khaleesi’s ancestors: House Targaryen, the dragon-riding dynasty that reigned over Westeros until their near-extinction just before Game of Thrones’ opening acts.

Once upon a time, the prospect of another show set within author George R.R. Martin’s brutal fantasy universe was among the soundest decisions in the business. In the wake of Game of Thrones’ divisive ending, it’s still sound enough to move forward—but perhaps not without the sound of “The Rains of Castamere” faintly humming in the background.

Still, there are several reasons why the Thrones devotee who felt burned (sorry) by the show’s ending should feel more optimistic about HBO’s next act of fire and blood. As for the fans in the back of the house who still love Game of Thrones, warts and all, there’s a glorious feast on its way. And for complete franchise newcomers who somehow never pulled into the world of Westeros? A prequel with few narrative ties to the original series, House is wide open for you as well. No matter where you fall, here’s everything you need to know heading into House of the Dragon.

Heir to the Throne

Here’s news that’s either good or bad depending on how the show ultimately landed with you: Game of Thrones executive producers and creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are not involved in House of the Dragon. Instead, Dragon springs from the minds of coshowrunners Ryan J. Condal and Miguel Sapochnik, with series cocreator Martin himself serving as a hands-on executive producer.

Both Condal and Sapochnik come to HBO’s first Thrones successor (at least, the first to make it to air) with impressive feathers in their cap. Sapochnik directed some of the most celebrated episodes of Game of Thrones, including the war-movie caliber “Battle of the Bastards” and the riveting season six finale, “The Winds of Winter.” Bombastic as both of those episodes were, they were also deeply rooted in characters’ points of view, complete with stunning thematic-driven imagery—such as the snowfall in Westeros signaling the arrival of the much-hyped winter. With some other major credits including an episode of Netflix’s big-budget Altered Carbon, Sapochnik shows up here as one of the most experienced filmmakers Westeros has ever known.

House of the Dragon’s other showrunner arrives with the seal of approval from Westeros’s one true king: George R.R. Martin himself, who handpicked Condal for the job. A huge fan of the Song of Ice and Fire novel series, Condal sports the intimate book loyalist’s perspective, and a stated desire to adhere closely to Martin’s written narrative.

If Condal’s Flea Bottom street cred isn’t enough on its own, consider his and Carlton Cuse’s tragically short-lived and overlooked USA Network sci-fi series, Colony, about humanity’s struggle to survive an alien-occupied Earth. The Josh Holloway–starring show explored a grand concept through a deeply personal lens, loaded with the grandeur and casual barbarity expected from the Targaryens (and the harsh treatment toward its cast one would expect from Thrones itself). Add the lessons learned from that hidden gem to the equation, and House of the Dragon appears to be in very good hands.

Book of the Dragon

Condal’s adherence to the written Westeros word might strike some as funny, considering the running joke around these parts: Martin’s books are still not finished, with his sixth and penultimate book in the Ice and Fire saga, The Winds of Winter, yet to be published. Of course, the author insists he’s still plugging away, with one recent update offering a relatively optimistic outlook on the book’s status. In the case of House of the Dragon, though, these future winds are beside the point.


Read Now: Bill Cosby faces new lawsuit from woman who claims he assaulted her in 1969 – 101 Latest News



Bill Cosby faces new lawsuit from woman who claims he assaulted her in 1969

#Bill #Cosby #faces #lawsuit #woman #claims #assaulted

A former Playboy model who alleges Bill Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her and another woman at his home in 1969 sued him Thursday under a new California law that suspends the statute of limitations on sex abuse claims.

In her lawsuit, Victoria Valentino, 80, says she was an actress and singer 54 years ago, when she met Cosby, now 85. The comedian and actor later approached her at a Los Angeles cafe, where he spotted her crying over the recent drowning death of her 6-year-old son.

The Associated Press does not identify people who say they have been sexually assaulted unless they come forward publicly.

Cosby offered to pay for a spa treatment for Valentino and a friend, and then sent a chauffeured car to pick the women up for dinner. That evening at a steakhouse, Cosby gave them each a pill, she said in the court filing.

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“Here! Take this!” the lawsuit alleges Cosby said to them. “It will make you feel better. It will make us ALL feel better.”

Click to play video: 'Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction overturned by Pennsylvania Supreme Court'

Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction overturned by Pennsylvania Supreme Court

Cosby then drove the women to his house, where Valentino passed out on a couch, and later woke up and witnessed him sexually assaulting her unnamed friend, according to the lawsuit. The court documents allege Cosby then “engaged in forced sexual intercourse” with Valentino while she was incapacitated from the drug.

Valentino’s allegations come on the heels of lawsuits last year by six Cosby accusers in New York under a similar provision known as a “lookback” law that allows adults to file sexual abuse cases for allegations that had fallen outside the statute of limitations.

The former “Cosby Show” star, who has been accused of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment by at least 60 women, has denied all allegations involving sex crimes. He was the first celebrity tried and convicted in the #MeToo era — and spent nearly three years at a state prison near Philadelphia before a higher court threw out the conviction and released him in 2021.

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His spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, said Thursday that Valentino’s lawsuit lacks “any proof or facts” and that so-called lookback laws violate constitutional rights aimed at protecting crime victims and “those that are accused of a crime.”

“What graveyard can Mr. Cosby visit, in order to dig up potential witnesses to testify on his behalf?” Wyatt asked in a statement. “America is continuing to see that this is a formula to make sure that no more Black Men in America accumulate the American Dream that was secured by Mr. Cosby.”

Click to play video: 'Bill Cosby says he’ll never show remorse to please parole board'

Bill Cosby says he’ll never show remorse to please parole board

The lawsuit in LA County Superior Court was filed nearly two years after Cosby left prison when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his 2018 sexual assault conviction. They found he gave incriminating testimony in a deposition about the encounter only after believing he had immunity from prosecution. The trial judge and an intermediate appeals court had found no evidence of such immunity.

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Earlier this year, a Los Angeles jury awarded $500,000 to a woman who said Cosby sexually abused her at the Playboy Mansion when she was a teenager in 1975.

Seven other accusers received a settlement from Cosby’s insurers in the wake of the Pennsylvania conviction over a defamation lawsuit they had filed in Massachusetts. Their lawsuit said that Cosby and his agents disparaged them in denying their allegations of abuse.

Valentino’s lawsuit requests a jury trial and seeks unspecified punitive damages.

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Read Now: "She Was So Rude, My Family Is No Longer Allowed To Listen To Her Music": 34 Of The Absolute Best And Worst Celebrities People Have Ever Met – 101 Latest News



"She Was So Rude, My Family Is No Longer Allowed To Listen To Her Music": 34 Of The Absolute Best And Worst Celebrities People Have Ever Met

#quotShe #Rude #Family #Longer #Allowed #Listen #Musicquot #Absolute #Worst #Celebrities #People #Met


ABSOLUTE DREAM: “My story is that I was actually horrible to a celebrity. In the ’70s, I was obsessed with Donny and Marie. They were playing at our state fair that year. My dad tried to get tickets, but it was sold out. He took us to the fair anyway. A few times we could hear the music, which infuriated me at 7 years old. When we were leaving, my dad had to stop the car because there was a big crowd of people. As they cleared to let us through, two people popped their heads in the car window to apologize. It was Donny and Marie. I refused to believe it was really them, and I told Marie, ‘You’re not Marie. She’s a lot prettier than you.’ My family was horrified.”

“Marie laughed it off. Then, she smiled that famous smile and I said, ‘It IS you! You are the prettiest woman in the world.’ She said, ‘Well that makes up for your first comment.’ They apologized again for the crowd blocking the road, got on their tour bus, and left. I got grounded for two weeks. Sorry, Marie.”


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Read Now: Kim Cattrall Joins And Just Like That Amid Feud Rumors – 101 Latest News



Kim Cattrall Joins And Just Like That Amid Feud Rumors

#Kim #Cattrall #Joins #Feud #Rumors

And then there were also rumors of a fallout between Cattrall and Parker, who has denied that the two are in a feud.

“There is not a ‘fight’ going on,” Parker, 58, told The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast last June. “There has been no public dispute or spat or conversations or allegations made by me or anybody on my behalf.”

While Cattrall was absent for AJLT‘s first season, writers kept her character in the show through text exchanges with her now-estranged friend Carrie Bradshaw (Parker). In the season one finale, Carrie reached out to Samantha, who now lives in London, to meet up.

“It’s odd, isn’t it?” Cattrall told Variety of the writers’ decision to keep Samantha in the storyline. “I don’t know how to feel about it.”

And Just Like That… returns to Max on June 22. For now, keep reading for more details about the second season.

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